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Hardware and Networking

options in hand when it comes to choosing which hardware and software best suits your requirements. Unitech Computers can help you with an objective independent assessment of your ideas and requirements, building on them and guiding you. We help you in:

1. Updating and improving technology
As technology undergoes constant improvement, it becomes imperative for any organization to keep themselves abreast with latest developments. At Unitech Computers we provide practical assessments of your current technology, identifying opportunities for improvement and helping you to achieve more with technology. 

2. Creating a new system
We help you assess, design and create a system tailored to your requirements and realize your ideas through improvements to create completely new systems. 

3. Networking Solutions
We provide a full network design, implementation and remedial service. All of our solutions are scaleable, and designed with the future in mind - allowing your network to grow as your business expands. 

4. Inter-office Connectivity
Through the use of Internet connectivity we can provide cost effective solutions for connecting your offices. Our VPN solutions allow separate offices to be seamlessly integrated, allowing staff to share resources and files. 

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